Pandemic-Related Renter Protections Rolled Back in October 2022 Blog

Pandemic-Related Renter Protections Rolled Back in October 2022

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Renter protections from Oregon’s pandemic-era emergency rent assistance program expired on October 1st, eliminating the last safety net policies tied to the economic fallout from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The provisions that have expired include:

– Protection from evictions when a renter had a pending application for housing aid
– Provisions requiring landlords to give 10 days notice of eviction

Beginning this month, landlords and property management can now:

– Resume three day (72 hour) or six day eviction notices
– Evict tenants for back due rent that remains unpaid during the pandemic

NWV Group has resumed the above pre-pandemic practices across our portfolio. While tenant rights groups have raised the alarm on a possible increase in evictions now that these protections have lifted, NWV Group has always made it a priority to work with both tenants and property owners on keeping tenants housed and rent payments made on time.

Please feel free to reach out to your NWV Property Manager if you have further questions on this, we are glad to discuss in detail!

“I have been renting from MJP for almost a year and a half, and have had nothing but positive experiences! On the rare occasion when I need maintenance done on my unit, they are incredibly responsive and typically fix it within 1-2 business days”

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