woodlawn adu


This is a new construction spec build with basement ADU. NWV Group designed and built this modern home alongside partners Ink:Built to build this spec build inspired by a Norwegian contemporary farm house.

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 725 sq/ft
  • 3 Bathroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • ADU Cost $100,000
  • Metal Sliding

Plumbing and electrical systems:

The ADU is also designed with the Airbnb tenant in mind, as that is the goal of the owner. It incorporates motion exterior lights for the walkway, smart lock front door locks, and hidden trash and recycling bins. Additionally, it has some extra lockable storage for maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Windows and natural light:

Whenever there is a basement ADU, natural light becomes a crucial aspect of the design. It is of utmost importance to have ample natural light in the front part of the ADU. This is because the more natural light that is brought into the space, the longer the tenants tend to stay.

Overall cost breakdown:

The ADU was constructed as part of a new construction project, specifically in the basement of a newly built home. Since it was integrated into the basement, it is challenging to determine the exact cost of the walls and ceiling. However, the estimated cost for the overall build-out was approximately $100,000.

Construction Challenges:

The design of the ADU took into consideration sound transmission between the basement and the main house, aiming to achieve the highest level possible within reasonable limits. The ceiling was specifically designed using soundproof drywall known as QuietRock, along with the implementation of RC channels and an additional layer of drywall with rockwool insulation. These measures were taken to minimize sound transmission between the units, and achieving this level of soundproofing was indeed a challenging task.

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