New Constructions / Remodels




In the course of this project, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the property, starting with the removal of old siding and addressing roofing repairs. Our efforts extended to landscaping, encompassing exterior lighting installation and a fresh coat of paint. Despite the multifaceted scope, we successfully adhered to the established budget. The porch received significant attention, undergoing a complete rebuild accompanied by the addition of new lighting fixtures. Surrounding landscapes were revamped with meticulous care, including the removal of old-growth bushes and the strategic trimming of trees. Through these combined efforts, we not only enhanced the property aesthetically but also ensured its structural integrity, all while staying within the financial parameters set for the project.

  • ADU Cost
  • Construction time:
    6 Months
  • Size:
    6000 sqft
  • Exterior and Interior
    finish Materials:
    • James Hardie siding
    • Sherwin Williams Paint

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