New Constructions / Remodels




Northeast 27th Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) was a complete basement remodel resulting in a studio with a full bathroom ADU in the Irvington/Grant Park Neighborhood.

During the demolition of the existing basement, significant water damage was observed, which was mitigated through redirection of gutters, concrete repairs, and a sealcoat applied in the basement.  In addition, his project consisted of significant seismic upgrades for the home, a new shared laundry room, as well as a common basement landing leading into the Studio Apartment ADU.  The ADU itself features quartz counter tops, LED lighting, and a fully customized tile standup shower.

This was a great rental option for the owner, they were considering downsizing but thought creating an ADU would be a better choice as they work towards their retirement.

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Studio
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Mosaic back splash
  • Tile standup Shower
  • Remodeled laundry room
  • Whole house seismic upgrades
  • Construction time:
    5 months
  • Construction Type:
    Basement Conversion
  • ADU Cost $75,000

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